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Game Development / Gamification

BCT Games is a game studio dedicated to creating timeless interactive entertainment that inspires human connection worldwide.


Gamification is one of the common terminologies regardless of what industry you belong to. It helps to increase customer engagement.

Raise productivity

In a corporate setting, by gamifying your system based on specific activities within your business module, employees get encouraged to accomplish those tasks in your desired order.

Positive ROI Impact

Since Gamification can lead to behavioural change, it can build performance improvements that impact ROI for organizations.

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Key Elements Of Gamification

  • Levels: Levels reward those acquiring points and reflects the user’s improvement to show the desired behavior.
  • Progression: We use these indicators to help users understand their position and how much farther they have to go to reach the next reward.
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboards list the top performers in different areas. It shows relative positioning of users in the system which help users to understand their capability among fellow players and creates a competitive environment in the game so that the gamer will strive to achieve higher positions which will in turn increase game utilization.
  • Virtual economy: People can spend their virtual currency on virtual goods, boost-ups etc. The more time they spend on the game, the more currency they can earn.
  • Story: Storyline is one of the important things when we talk about Gamification apps for business. Gamification strengthens the understanding of your story by involving users. We create a story that blends into the purpose behind gamification which lets the users to connect with it.
  • Social Network: Solo playing is fun, playing with friends is double the fun. Hence we offer social network integrations that will enable the players to connect with their friends, share scores and more.
  • Random rewards:We motivate the players by giving random gifts that incentivizes the players to keep coming back to the gamified app more and more.
  • Appointment Dynamics:Everyone loves gifts. ‘Daily bonus’ is an attractive Gamification factor that we use to motivate the players to visit the game at least once everyday.