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Machine learning model from the largest US COVID-19 dataset predicts disease severity

A centralized repository of COVID-19 health records built last year is beginning to show results, starting with a new paper published today. The repository is the largest set of COVID-19 records to date, and was built by a team of researchers and data experts last year to help make sense of COVID-19. The study, published […]

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Best advanced SEO tactics to win in 2021

In almost all Google Algorithm Update In recent memory, Google has rewarded old sites with mega traffic, causing their search rankings to skyrocket at the expense of smaller, newer sites. Large sites have increased their search traffic by 28% year-over-year, according to GrowthBarorganic search of the 100 most visited sites. Why? Big sites like Wikipedia, […]

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One Username, One Password

Hackers first executed their plan by gaining access to a “Super Admin” account of Verkada, a company that sells security cameras that are managed through a web-based program. Their methods of hacking were not advanced and it was reported that they simply found an admin username and password “publicly exposed” on the internet. Once they […]

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